Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social Media marketing has been a hot cake. There are a lot of social media apps flooding in the market. And many of netizens are hooked to those sites updating their status, their requirements, habit, choices. As more and more data available, there is a need of data analytics. And advertising designs are also following these trends as per the analytics feed from the analysts. Personalization of the advertising is more relevant and click through intentions are more probable in those circumstances. Sales promotions can also be designed with narrow down approach to fit in to the specific customer segment with the initial data feed from these social media apps. These apps are enabling the marketers to rapidly push the buying patterns and influence the buying behaviors of the consumers and also helping gather crucial market data.

Emergence of numerous interacting social media platforms are available, it’s more convenient for the digital campaigner to reach them. At the same time, creating an interactive channel and building a relationship becomes more easier for them. Also reaching to a larger audience is also quite faster with these mediums. By all these interactions marketers also gather data on preferences, necessities and pain points of potential customer.

By all these points a better customized solution can be presented and a longer sales cycle can be shortened to the benefit of both parties.

These data feeds are more critical before a full-fledged marketing campaign can be adopted for a product or service lunch now a days and those campaigns can be fine tuned according to the market feeds. Social media market places are the battle ground for these marketers. In summary social media marketing helps marketer better planning , organizing and developing strategy as well as fine tuning offers to the potential customer to help the sales cycle close.

Social media marketing phenomenon has been in the top of many marketing campaigner list since the more than 70 % youth are netizens in this platform. We can help advise you in creating the right kind of social media advertising strategy, whether it will be small digital clip or flash outs in the social media or a ticker. There can be many more types of campaign which can be designed and crafted according to brand requirement, a multistep strategy can be adopted to make it more successful campaign.

Marketing strategy in some of the most popular social media platforms such as face book, snap chats, Instagram, twitter, Tik Tok etc. are now mainstream campaign for the many product and service developers.  Various marketing techniques are adopted with these platforms one of those is Influencer Marketing. Which helps in influencing a group towards a particular service by providing good feedback or highlighting benefits out of that associated brand.

Timeline Techno can help you design market research campaign to get shape the right digital platform and choose the right social media platform narrowing down the best impact of your advertising strategy. We have certified and dedicated social media campaigner to help you advertise the age group, demography and geo coordinated presence of your brand and products.