Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

Built a website with killer content, you need Search engine marketing to provide the right value to your effort. At Timeline Techno we help you to right fit your requirement by adopting various method in the search engine marketing.

As the majority of netizens are familiar with search engine like google, yahoo, ALO , Bing and so, it has become very critical to fit your search engine marketing efforts, so that your website can get space in the first screen space. You get 80 % more chance to get netizens routed to your market place if it is in the first screen.

Different Search engine have different algorithm to sort the searched contents, it requires extensive amount of research and understanding of the search engines available in the market. An experienced search engine marketer makes a lot of market research on the contents and key words pertaining to the different products and services. The complexity is, different geographies can perceive the products and services differently and netizens also adopt different terminologies for the same products or services.

Here an intelligent search engine marketer looks for the statistical data and standard deviation to the key words to provide the near best key word or phrases avoiding the copy right issue and other legal issue for the contents.

Search engine marketing needs also constant improvements and adjustment to the offerings, as per the change in customer preference in the market place. various online market place methods are adopted to improve the search engine marketing. Search engine marketing can be perused in two ways, organic search engine optimization and paid search engine marketing. In Former method the contents, keywords and constant changes to the contents are done to keep raking of the web contents relevant and high in ranking. While in the paid version of the search engine marketing search engines are paid for improving the ranks in search results.

Following this advertiser follow the Pay-Per-Click Plan where both the organic as well as the paid version of the marketing are listed and from where revenues can be generated. Organizations are now a days allocating a separate budget for search engine marketing, this includes spending on hiring SEO trained professionals, who can do extensive research in finding the key word which are valuable in terms spending per keyword spending. It is also important to protect these key words from the web crawlers, so the technical expert in the SEO team should also suggest the encrypting the key words for protecting these contents. Another method of getting the best out of your web site is choosing the keywords inside the URL itself so that it remains unique and naturally attract web traffic.

To get quantifiable result out of these campaigns, you must have tracking software to check on which key words people are following your websites. And key performance check should happen time to time to track the performance of the campaign. This measure help campaigners save money and redundancy in marketing activities also can be avoided by this.