PPC (Pay Per Click)

PPC (Pay Per Click)

This model best applies where an advertiser pays only when a traffic is routed to his website. We can say as a result-oriented approach to the online marketing. Our pay per click services provides the best of the value for money service. This is relatively very focused advertising medium what we offer to our client as result oriented marketing services.

Pay per click works as a better medium to measure your advertising efforts in terms of cost and time you are spending in the Internet market place. You can calculate your cost per click and choose the better avenue to advertise or may look for alternative place or strategy. Flat rate per click or bid based rates are emerging as a better justification to ad spend for your brand visibility. This mod of advertising is also good when we seek attention and feed back in a short time period, If, there is less click than the expected for the campaign you can look for corrective action to make this more relevant to the market or clients. The corrective efforts from the agency also goes up as it also gets revenue only when there is a successful campaign for the customer. The corrective actions may be in terms of timing, words, medium, design of the banner, or location etc. The more data an agency gets regarding the product or services, it can design more effective pay per click campaign.

We help carefully chose design of graphics and wordings so that it attracts netizens who has a similar kind of need as advertised by us and your probability of sales goes up. This pay per click or PPC campaign is done for the clients with a mass market in focus and the chances of lead generation varies as per the attractiveness of the ads with better graphics, key words and flashy banners. We help you find the relevant key words associated with your products and services, so that each click on the banner may help closing a sale for the company.

Although this is very effective way of getting solid sales lead, but there are many local laws and regulations are kept at the back of the mind to avoid dragging in to legal scrutiny. The guidelines to advertise in a locality and the consumer protection laws pertaining to the advertisement standards are often to be adhered strictly. The cultural inclination is also one of the factors that may have the positive or negative effect on the brand, these all factors need to be taken care meticulously.

There are also various other strategies to be adapted along with this, for example timing of the banner flash. Advertisement of lunch box is more relevant in the lunch time rather than dinner time. Similarly, luxury sedan advertisement we may not do in demographically poor area. It’s always a mix of various advertising strategy to be mixed with the pay per click campaign for better and effective output.

Experienced and seasoned advertisers at Timeline Techno’s help lead you to your successful campaign over digital marketing strategy to get the maximum out of your efforts.