Link Building

Link Building

It is another medium of improving the internet traffic to your website by building links from the external popular websites. These links sometimes know as backlinks or external links acts as main crown pullers to the websites or contents that you want to showcase, or the landing page you want to bring in more traffic.

These Links mostly work on the concept E-A-T (Expert, Authoritative and trustworthy). Site with these characters are   graded highly in the content market and sales high in the link building society.

The various link building strategies may include bridging broken link, content linking, building useful tolls and providing an intuitive link to that, attractive banners with a link etc. While these links bring the traffic, it is also very important that the relevance of the link is justified or the effort in the brining the traffic will go in to vain. After a click people will close away from the landing page and the marketer loses a sale in that process.

Positioning of these links in a relevant web page also to be taken care , like if the link is at the rock bottom of the page and netizen fly away after looking at the initial few lines or move away to look for more relevant content through other link , then your effort of creating that link vanishes. It’s a good habit to create links in editorially- placed links, as these adhere to the code of ethics of many search engines and avoid violating rules.

Sometimes we can collaborate with famous personality, their blogging sites to link to your webs, which are sometimes very effective to get traffic. For example, a celebrity endorsing a particular luxury brand, or doing social activity connecting to an NGO to raise funds for a sick person, and he has some million followers, they can tremendously benefit by that.

There are visual assets which acts best linking tools to the texts. The visual assets may be a famous photograph, relevant images, diagrams indicating contents, infographics, charts or visual statistics graphs. Such as the power of photographs that they always make you remember and link to something, this helps in harnessing a relationship.

A link building can also help business in building relationships, sending referral traffics, brand Building. For example, if a Dr. publishes a research report on his web and informs a new development, he becomes well known in the community in that particular area and becomes a referral for the other doctors. Similarly, companies can harness brand building by showcasing new product innovation or unique service offering to the clients. It’s a good practice to create link building to a good value content which people may find worthy to hook up or worthy of sharing with others.

Similarly, it can also be segregated for mobile as well as desktop contents, so good measurement data is always inevitable. With your tracking software in place you can always know who are the mobile users visiting to your web content and who are the desktop users. This understanding of traffic gives insight of the quality of traffic and offerings that should be customized as per the traffic. A good example can be a short video or a full-length movie, if it is a mobile user may be short video content can be pushed where as if it is a desktop user a full-length video presentation can be pushed.